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Updated September 7, 2017

CIBC is aware of multiple emails currently being used by fraudsters to target CMO users. In these emails, fraudsters have added links or attachments in order to obtain confidential information or install malware. Please see the CMO Message Centre for more information.

These emails are not from CIBC. If you receive one, DELETE it immediately. DO NOT OPEN the attachment and DO NOT CLICK on any links embedded in the message. In general, be cautious of unsolicited emails claiming to be from CIBC that request data or include attachments that you have not initiated or were not expecting.

If you have received one of these emails and opened the attachment, provided confidential information using the link, or if you are experiencing any unusual performance issues with your computer, please contact the CIBC Business Contact Centre immediately at 1 800 500-6316.

It is also recommended that you:

  • Execute a virus and malware scan on your computer
  • Reset passwords for any business and/or personal banking websites immediately using a different computer; do not re-use the same passwords or PINs.

CIBC monitors for fraudulent emails and text messages and works with the appropriate authorities to shut down the frauds as quickly as possible.


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Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316

Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316