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Beware of email “Secure Information A9239”

CIBC is aware of a malicious and fraudulent email targeted at CMO users which masquerades as an email from CIBC. This email contains a link that if clicked will install malware on your computer.

Users who have installed this malware have received the following error messages when trying to log on to CMO: “Checking security settings,” “Checking access,” and “In progress loading screen.”

Users were then called by fraudsters posing as CIBC employees. The fraudsters claimed the user’s account was undergoing major updates and then asked them to type in their ID and sign on credentials again. In some cases another fraudster would call other users at the company at the same time and ask them to sign on to CMO.

What users see on their screen may look different from the regular CMO sign on screen. Once the fraudsters have obtained credentials from multiple users at the same company they will try to use this information to send out fraudulent wires.

If you have received this email, please DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.

  • DO NOT OPEN any attachments
  • DO NOT CLICK on any links embedded in the message
  • DO NOT reply to the email

If you have accidentally performed any of these hazardous actions or are experiencing any unusual performance issues with your computer, please contact the CIBC Business Contact Centre (BCC) immediately at 1 800 500-6316.


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Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316

Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316