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Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 

1 800 500-6316

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Beware of calls from fraudsters posing as CIBC

CIBC is aware of a scheme currently being used by fraudsters to obtain confidential sign on information from a CMO user by calling the user, while posing as a CIBC employee.

In this scenario, a fraudster calls a CMO user informing them of a CMO outage and offering support if they need to do Wire Payments. The client is told that CMO will be shut down for maintenance soon and that they should sign on to an alternate site to prepare for the system outage. The fraudster then provides a phone number and asks the client to call them back after they click on the link. The fraudster may also ask the user for their sign on ID and PIN.

If you receive a call from an individual claiming to be from CIBC, for an issue that you have not initiated or reported, exercise caution. End the call, do not disclose your credentials nor sign on to CMO, and contact the CIBC Business Contact Centre Technical Support team immediately at 1-800-500-6316 to confirm the validity of the call and instructions.

Please note that CIBC WILL NEVER call or email you to request your token number or PIN.

For security tips and resources, we encourage you to review the “Identifying Signs of Fraudulent Activity” Quick Tip in the CMO Knowledge Centre.


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Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316

Need help Signing On?

Call the CIBC Business Contact Centre: 1 800 500-6316